Top 14 Tips for Goodgame Empire Newbies

Jun 08 2021

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Is someone at a higher level of play bullying you? Enemies are continuously attacking your fortress, and you’re always coming up short. If yes, you must be tired of losing your entire defensive force, despite outnumbering your opponent. Chances are, if this describes you, you have built up your defenses in the wrong way. This article will cover the skill of defense in this strategy, farm, building, and war game. In addition, I’m going to share 14 beginner tips for the game Empire by Goodgame Studios.

1. Join an alliance

I recommend joining an alliance to get started in this war game. Ascertain that this alliance contains at least a couple of level 70s. This is because you are new, and these folks will support you and give you advice. Then, it would help if you began working on the achievements on the right to level up and gain a feel for the strategy game.

2. Make sure you get the three resources

Three resources can be found and obtained in the first kingdom. Food, wood, and stone are the three elements. Food is used to keep your troops alive, and you will find that you run out of food quickly throughout the war game. Capturing outposts will provide you with more resources. City Buildings and castle walls are constructed using stone and wood. For missions, these are necessary. You can also count on gold as a source of income. This is used to recruit new members and create goods like flame arrows. Building new stone quarries, woodcutters, and farmhouses, or simply upgrading them, will provide you with more of these resources.

empire resources
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3. You must provide food for your troops

Feeding your troops is a must. More food means more troops. Once you are out of food, your men perish. In this farm game, Farms and granaries grow food. From level 1, you can buy a farm. Granary is unlocked at legendry level 11.

4. Get a food outpost as your first outpost

In Goodgame Empire, when you reach level 13, you will be able to unlock outposts. Outposts are secondary bases with the ability to produce more resources. When you hover your mouse over an outpost on the map, you can see how much of each resource it has. I recommend getting a food outpost as your first outpost. This is since you will run out of food very rapidly. You’ll be able to carry food from your outpost to your main castle using this outpost. Your first outpost can be obtained at level 13, the second at level 19, and the third at level 31. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to renovate your estate before you can receive your next outpost.

5. Build guardhouses and taverns

Create as many guardhouses, city buildings, and taverns as possible (as they take many hours to construct), but first construct eight farmhouses, five woodcutters and stonemasons, and ten households. Please improve all your buildings whenever possible, and if you lack resources, assault your neighbor to obtain resources, but only if you can espionage them.

6. Retain your castellans and commanders at the encampment and equip them there

The Castellans are the guardians of your outposts and the main fortress in this war game. When an attack on the base occurs, these are used. Commanders lead attacks. These are employed to attack bases, and you have three commanders to choose from near the beginning of the war game. Attacking robber barons, spinning the wheel of fortune, or creating them using the alliance smithy or your own smithy are all ways to get the gear for them.

Empire army
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7. Enlist defense troops to avoid assaulting

In this strategy game, defense is crucial because anyone might quickly assault you and grab a large number of your resources. Making items at the defense workshop or enlisting defense troops in the barracks are two ways to achieve more defense. You can upgrade these places to gain better items.

8. Strategize before attacking

Attacking is necessary to obtain resources and complete tasks in Goodgame Empire. It would help if you organized your forces in a strategic pattern. You can send an intelligence mission to find out what troops your opponent has on defense before attacking them. By hiring attacking men from the barracks or obtaining tools from the siege workshop, you can improve your attack in the war game.

9. Produce enough defense tools

Whether your defensive army is equal to or larger than the assaulting army, tools are vital in calculating the war game. Defense units have to be boosted and ready for the attack. It would be best if you always had a good mix of these tools. Attempt to keep at least 20-25 defensive tools in each slot. You never know when you’ll need to support your troops in combat. Creating some tools, like wooden spikes, takes over an hour. That’s why you need to have them ready.

10. Use offensive units to attack and defensive ones to protect

Swordsmen are largely meaningless unless you’re early in the browser game, as spearmen have more defensive strength and mace men have higher offensive power. They’re best used when you’re in the middle of a game because they offer both attacking and defensive qualities.

11. Save as many rubies as you can

Don’t waste them by bypassing building time, speeding up your army or agents, or creating additional soldiers; instead, save them for later in the war game. They will become increasingly significant in the future.

empire goodgame
Image courtesy of Goodgame


12. Build a strong army

Make as large an army as you can and keep attacking RBCs, which will offer you money and rubies. Build a strong army of mace men and crossbowmen, each numbering at least 100. This will assist you in gaining more PowerPoints in this browser game.

13. Obtain resources as much as you can to open Everwinter Glacier

A new land called ‘Everwinter Glacier’ will open after you reach level 25. To open it, you’ll need resources and coins. Since this is a farm and city building game, you will need to build four farmhouses, three woodcutters, and three stonemasons after the doors open. If you have extra soldiers, send them to the Ice Castle from your MC. Build a maximum-level storehouse and seize RVs (Resource Villages) from weak players, but check their alliance beforehand.

14. Do not fall for Free Rubies, Wood, Coins, and Stones

No software can provide you free cash, diamonds, wood, or stones in this building game, so be wary of any site that claims to supply hacking tools or generators as this may be a fraud. They either tell you to download their software, which you should not do since it is likely to include viruses that might damage your computer’s software or hack your account, credit card, or email passwords.


Empire by Goodgame is a popular war and strategy browser game, but one needs to pay attention to detail to ace it. Follow these 14 tips, and you will be able to avoid many common beginner’s mistakes and stand a better chance of winning battles in this game. For more information, you’re welcome to read our Empire game review and start playing!

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