The Definitive Guide To RAID: Shadow Legends

Jovan Glisic

Mar 15 2022

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Playing a new game can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never played it. There are thousands of browser games available online in many different genres, so having some information about the game you want to play is essential to have fun from the moment you start playing.

Out of all the strategy games and RPG games available, we’ve decided to cover RAID: Shadow Legends, and provide you with a definitive guide that will help you have an amazing experience from the very beginning.

You can expect expert tips, tricks, and advice that will give you a head start in one of the most popular online games.

Things You Need To Know Before You Start Playing RAID

Given that RAID is one of the more complex online games out there, it’s important to get familiar with as many tips as possible.

The first thing you should know is that logging in every day is rewarded and will help you improve much faster. You’ll also be available to do daily and weekly quests that will provide you with incredibly important resources. Although most browser games have this feature, it’s important to mention it again because it will allow you to advance your champion faster, and level up quicker.

Once you start playing, you’ll realize that RAID: Shadow Legends is yet another one of the energy-based  online games. In the beginning, it’s advisable to use all the energy you can in one gaming session. This way, you’ll get the most experience and learn how the game works fast.  Certain challenges and quests will reward you with additional energy.

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Don’t Forget To Upgrade Your Champion

One of the most common mistakes people make when playing RAID: Shadow Legends is that they forget to upgrade their champion even though they have more than enough resources to do so.

Upgrading your champion will help you do quests easier due to improved damage, health, and armor. Not only will you be able to gather resources more easily, but you’ll be able to tackle more difficult enemies as well.

Game Modes

When it comes to RPG games, the thing that makes them so much fun is all the game modes available in these games. In RAID: Shadow Legends, there are a couple of game modes you can choose from.

Campaign Mode

The first one is campaign mode. Most browser games have this mode available, and in RAID, it’s a pretty straightforward mode that lets you play as the main protagonist, fighting to liberate Teleria from the shadow. Each level increases in difficulty which is why it’s important to explore the game as much as you can so you won’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your champion before tackling a more difficult level of the campaign.

It’s recommended to start with the campaign mode because it gradually increases in difficulty, but also allows you to learn about your champion and the game itself. Once you learn and level up your champion, you’ll get to win more dungeon mode battles, and gain access to much more valuable resources.

Dungeon Mode

The second mode is Dungeon mode. It’s something similar to survival where you’ll get to battle two waves of enemies before fighting a boss. Compared to campaign mode, you’ll get more experience and you’ll get to level up your champion faster. One major difference between the Dungeon mode and campaign mode is that the bosses in Dungeon mode are more difficult to defeat.

Arena Mode

Arena mode is interesting for more advanced players who already leveled up their champions and know how the game works. In this mode, you’ll fight head to head with other players from all over the world and you’ll get to earn valuable rewards if you win.

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Useful Tips for Beginners

Once you start playing RAID: Shadow Legends, you’ll notice you have a certain number of champions to choose from. Over the time playing the game, you’ll accumulate certain resources that can be used to upgrade the champion and improve its abilities. One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting the RAID journey is that they try to level up more than one champion. This will only slow down progress. We recommend learning about the champions, their abilities, and strengths, and choose one that you’ll be using further in the game.

Another useful tip for beginners in one of the most popular online games is to hold and save certain rewards for the future. There are double XP rewards which will be much more valuable once you level up your champion.

Another important tip is to get access to the gem mine as soon as possible. The sooner you unlock the gem mine, the more gems you’ll accumulate over time which will be helpful in later stages of the game.

Like other strategy games, RAID requires the players to use the resources smartly. Only saving resources by avoiding upgrading a champion you won’t use, or selecting battles you can win will give you the experience you’re looking for. Not only will you enjoy playing the game every day, but you’ll level up faster as well.

Reading reviews about the RPG games you’re interested in can also be very helpful. People who have already played the game share their personal opinions, and more times than not, you’ll find valuable information that will help you enjoy the game even more. If you want to read an extensive review about RAID: Shadow Legends, visit this link.

Final Words

RAID: Shadow Legends is an incredibly fun game with outstanding aesthetics you can play for years to come. It’s one of the browser games you’ll love, but you’ll need to invest time to fully understand the game and reach higher levels that will allow you to make progress in both the campaign mode and other modes as well.

When it comes to online games, RAID: Shadow Legends has a score of 9.8 out of 10 based on player reviews which speak volumes about this amazing game.

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