League of Angels Review

flag Battle other players' heroes
  • A classic turn-based MMO

  • Beautiful world and characters

  • Massive player base

  • Interactive crafting system

Pros & Cons

  • Great crafting and upgrading system
  • Idle and casual gameplay
  • Many different game modes
  • Explore a wide and immense world
  • Great graphics for a browser game
  • Requires an R2R mini client to play
  • Not the most engaging gameplay

Special Features

  • One of the most massive player bases in the game
  • Beautiful and interesting art
  • Well-built and well-developed world
  • Gorgeous characters
  • It has a great AFK system where AI plays the game for you


When it comes to browser gaming, gamers have a wide variety of titles to choose from. And aside from the titles and games that already exist with wide player bases, new ones are being released almost on a daily basis, making it hard to find the right game to play.

However, one game that has remained a standout title in the world of browser-based MMORPGs is League of Angels. It was launched all the way back in 2013 and was developed by YouZou interactive. The game has remained a favorite among gamers from all over the world and has one of the biggest player bases compared to other browser MMORPGs.

But the gaming community has made incredibly huge steps since 2013. New technology allows for more interactive and fun features. A lot of the time, gamers look back at old games from not too far back and cringe. But was League of Angels able to grow with the gaming community? Does the game still hold its own compared to more modern day MMORPGs?

We’ll explore all of this plus more in this review.


  • "Graphics"
    8 /10
  • "Community"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Gameplay"
    8 /10


One common comment that people have with League of Angels’ gameplay is that it’s lackluster. For the most part, this is true. Most of the battling is done entirely by the AI. It’s an idle browser game, so almost all the battles you’ll fight in this game are automated. The only amount of strategy that goes into the battle is how you place your heroes and which items you equip.

It is worth noting that the game’s battle system still allows you to lose to teams with a lower “battle rating.” League of Angels also has an automated battle system, which means you can still progress in-game without doing anything.

Aside from the regular battle mode, the game offers a variety of mini-games. These include exploring dungeons and gemology, to name a few. And while the mini-games offer a lot of fun, it’s also a way that the game pushes its wide variety of micro-transactions that will give you an edge over the F2P gamers.

Since the game was launched in 2013, it was made to run on adobe flash player. But since that isn’t available anymore, you will have to download an R2R client to play the game on your browser, which is also available on the site.

The gameplay in League of Angels isn’t for everyone. If you are used to idle browser-based games, then you’ll most definitely love this game’s idle AFK gaming features. Idle gaming allows you to grind through the immense world of League of Angels, level up, and earn rewards while basically doing nothing.

Game Modes

While the gameplay is pretty monotonous in League of Angels, there are a couple of different game modes to explore. This adds a bit of variety to the game and allows you to earn special rewards.


PvP in League of Angels comes in a couple of different forms. The first PvP mode comes in the form of the Arena. In this mode, you can go through the fixed options of who you can fight. After going through all five options, you have to wait a day for the options to refresh or pay money to refresh them right away.

The other mode is Clash of Might. In this mode, you have to fight different players to be the top-ranked player at the end of the game. You start at rank 200 and slowly make your way up by winning different battles. However, do note that you only have 10 attempts to get to the top; afterward, you must pay 50 gems for each attempt.

Gameplay in the PvP game modes remains roughly the same. It is all automated and uses a fairly random battle system. While this can be good for lower-ranked gamers, it may seem a little unfair for those who have ground the game for longer.


In League of Angels, there’s a co-op mode where you can team up with other players to tackle the arena or dungeons in teams of three. The rewards for this mode are about the same as when you go through it solo, which doesn’t give you much incentive to use it.

Team arenas are only available during a two-hour window during the day. So, getting into the game mode is pretty difficult. Co-op battles follow the same format as all the other battles in the game, and they are pre-determined. So, if you don’t want to watch the battle, you can skip the animation entirely.


As we mentioned earlier, there are a couple of mini-games you can play in League of Angels.

For example, additional turns in Gemology or more blitzes in the dungeons can be bought with gems. And while you can earn gems playing the game, you can get them much faster by buying them with real money. This makes League of Angels a “freemium” and pay to win game.

The game itself is completely free, and to play, all you need to do is create an account and launch the game in your browser. If you aren’t a particularly big fan of grinding to progress, you can use real-life money to give yourself an edge over the competition.

Final Word

League of Angels is a browser-based idle game. This means that it is a game that is more suited for people who would like to play a game in the background while doing other tasks on their computer.

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