How to Get Free Diamonds in Forge of Empires

David A.

Oct 14 2021

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Forge of Empires is a strategy game that takes a lot of patience and effort to play. To advance in the game, you must collect coins, supplies, forge points, and commodities. Under normal conditions, these resources would take months to accumulate, but the game developers allow you to purchase diamonds with real money to speed up your progress. Diamonds may be rather expensive to buy. Therefore many gamers are looking for ways to acquire free diamonds. Fortunately, in their wisdom, the game’s designers invented several secret tasks that will provide players with these highly sought-after rewards.

Forge of Empires diamonds are not free; they are a premium resource. So much so that they are mostly purchased with actual money! We can’t dispute that this is the quickest way to advance because diamonds can be spent on almost anything; they are truly needed to progress through the game. However, we are here to show you how you can get these diamonds for free. These may not be the only options out there, but we have put together ways to ensure you do not have to spend real money.

So below are some ways to get free diamonds in Forge of Empires.

  1. The Continent Map

You can’t progress in the game until you acquire different sectors and provinces. Therefore there’s a good possibility you’ll earn some diamonds as prizes on the continent map. Simply keep battling!

  1. Quests

The advisors in FOE can be annoying at times by providing boring or dull quests with unneeded resources as rewards, but keep an eye out — diamonds are occasionally awarded as quest prizes. Don’t miss out on the hidden prizes!

  1. Special Events

Diamonds are almost always included as a reward in special events or city-building games. This is a good opportunity to boost your reserves, so keep an eye out for quests and rewards that provide this incentive as a reward.

And here’s a lovely tip for obtaining additional diamonds through quests: the magnificent Chateau Frontenac. Its reward boost increases your coins, medals, supplies, as well as diamonds. Consider it an excellent addition to your collection of buildings.

  1. Getting to a New Age or Era

This is just another way InnoGames expresses gratitude to its customers. When you reach a new age or era, you will be given diamonds to mark your feat.

  1. Wishing Well

Wishing wells are the only type of building in the game that can offer you diamonds. Wishing Wells generates game resources such as medals, supplies, coins, diamonds, and forge points every 24 hours. The only drawback here is that Wishing Wells don’t produce diamonds regularly, but only occasionally. Therefore, many experienced players have several wishing wells in their cities. I mean, a TON!

  1. Inviting Friends


You’ll see a diamond symbol labeled neighbors and friends to the right of your guildmates. We have three options and methods for inviting new players here:

  • through email
  • Facebook, or
  • using a link


When invited players get to certain stages and ages in the game, you will get the following number of diamonds:

  • Iron Age: 50,
  • Early Middle Ages: 100
  • Late Middle Ages: 250
  • Progressive Era: 750
  • Contemporary Era:  1000


When you use Facebook, you will be given the option to publish a post on your timeline. This is a quick and easy method.

If you wish to send a direct message to a friend(s), use an email and include your friend’s name, email address, your name, and an invite message.

You may also use a link. Simply copy it and share it wherever you wish, for example, on Twitter! Alternatively, you can email this link directly to your friends.

However, avoid spamming.

  1. Guild Expeditions

If you belong to a guild and like participating in guild expeditions, you have a good chance of receiving diamonds from reward chests. After each major checkpoint, they are stored in chests. The rewards are higher depending on how much further you are in the expedition.

  1. Farming

Diamond farming is a common method of increasing your pile. Outside of your primary city, you can construct additional cities in other worlds. We recommend that you share those acquired with your neighboring cities. For example, if you find diamonds in your secondary city, you may use them in your main city. In this situation, Chateau Frontenac and wishing wells may be quite lucrative.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can develop cities in all of the worlds and become the supreme master of diamonds!

Beware of Hackers!!!

Finally, a word of caution: take precautions! Hacking is common, and many YouTube videos like “How to Get Diamonds in Forge of Empires” or “Free Forge of Empires Diamonds” will ask for your personal information or include other types of hacking. These guys promise you an unlimited supply of diamonds, supplies, and coins.

This sounds nice, but the fact is that these individuals are scammers that use you to make money by tricking you into downloading malware and other illegal software that can destroy your computer and personal information. Never trust these individuals! Even if these hacks worked, the game is designed in such a way that it is nearly impossible to cheat without moderators discovering. Furthermore, in certain countries, hacking may result in actual jail time. It isn’t worth it.


Forge of Empires, like every F2P browser game, tempts players to spend real money on it – to speed up certain activities, buy units, or premium buildings. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay any money to enjoy the game. The game allows users to obtain the majority of premium buildings, units, and services for free; all you need to know is how to do this, and that is precisely what this article has succeeded in showing you.

The concept of FOE is to enjoy the process, have fun, and relax! Furthermore, with an endless supply of Forge of Empires diamonds, the actual game experience gets dull– at this point, playing is pointless.


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