Wartime Review

flag Expand your empire and conquer the weak
  • Hire a skilled general to change the tide of the war

  • Research the latest technology to defeat your enemies

  • Gather materials to build & upgrade you base

  • Muster units from the army, navy, and air force

Pros & Cons

  • Has excellent graphics
  • Helps develop strategic thinking
  • Tasks are performed automatically
  • It has a free option and purchasing option
  • Takes time to build your army and win the game
  • Need to purchase some features to win some battles

Special Features

  • Colorful visual graphics.
  • Systems of alliances and PVP’s battles.
  • Unit synthesis’ unique mechanics.
  • Events, updates, and other bonuses.
  • Construct a building for technological advancement


Wartime is a 2D, 3D, MMO free-to-play, real-time, strategy, and simulation game offering optional in-game purchases. It has been developed and published by Espirit Games playable on PC platforms for 16+ players.

For the best gameplay experience, the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome are needed. The minimum system requirements include Windows XP, a memory of 2GB, 500GB disk space, and a 128 MB video card.

This game contains elements from the kingdom management genre. It is a multiplayer base-building simulator. The war-mongering Dark Lord is fueled by the fires of war and is on a mission to engulf the world in chaos.

You will be required to gather your men and meet face to face with the threat on the battlefield. Test your mettle by show casting resourcefulness, perseverance, and strategic thinking in Wartime.


  • "Graphics"
    9 /10
  • "Community"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    7 /10
  • "Gameplay"
    6 /10


Wartime is a strategic and multiplayer game for social networks and browsers. It features large-scale battles and attractive graphics design of personally formed and well-trained armies. In this game, the players have to defeat the secret plans of the Dark Lord who came back to take away your land and it is only you who can defeat him.

The player can expand constructions, build giant bases, hire generals and troops for control, and pulverize various resources. You can choose a clan to fight with other players or complete some quests. You can develop your base by researching advanced technology and producing soldiers with advanced equipment.

Wartime Espirit Games feature new strategic elements combined with classic mechanics. You begin as a commander of a small military base with empty construction sites. You can, however, build structures on these empty sites such as residential buildings, infantry barracks, and specialized buildings.

You can build a unique structure called the engineering building. You will then start scientific and design development. This will help you expand your infrastructure, develop more powerful unit and combat equipment of land, air and see directions, make your troops spacious, and enhance other game aspects.

During the game development process, you can be able to hire different units and create various pieces of equipment and eventually form your unique squad. You will qualify to enter the world map with your full army where you will see AI buildings and that of other players.

Game modes

The battles in Wartime Espirit games are completed in automatic mode. Upon your army reaching the battlefield (which will take some time) the algorithm will find the winner which will depend on how powerful your unit is.

You can, thereafter, use any troop or equipment combination in a squad which opens up tactical possibilities. You will receive the report with combat results shortly after the battle. You will receive precious resources for further game development.

Final Word

Wartime is a great game to play especially if you prefer strategy war games. It is available online and is easily accessible from any PC with the latest browser versions. Get accustomed to the gameplay by strengthening your army and wining more land from the Dark Lord. Form alliances and defeat the enemy with advanced weaponry.

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