Big Farm: Mobile Harvest | Cheats and Tricks to Grow Your Farm Faster

David A.

Aug 05 2021

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You’ll find a lush green garden, a profusion of farm animals, and many hours of entertainment on the screen of your smartphone! Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a farming simulator and strategy game that has spawned its own gaming category since its release. The game is a one-of-a-kind strategy-based simulator developed, marketed, and promoted by Goodgame Studios that includes all of the components of a superb farming simulator as well as enough content for those with a penchant for micromanagement.

The objective of this game is to raise as many crops as possible while also preventing pests and predators from invading your plantation. The game begins with a plot of land, which serves as your base location, and an all-purpose farmer, who is your only farmer throughout the game. You only have a little number of gold coins, which is the game’s principal currency, and hence you only have the ability to plant a small vegetable-producing patch. However, while the game promises exponential prizes, the amount of work needed to earn the greater benefits increases linearly with time. The more time you put into the game, the greater the amount of work needed to earn larger rewards becomes.

Friendly mobile simulator: Big Farm: Mobile Harvest will put you at ease while you play, but like other simulations, you’ll have to work hard to reap the advantages of your garden. No matter how you might feel while being surrounded by relaxing music and taking in the natural setting, the game will ramp up the difficulty as you advance, adding additional predators and adversaries to the list of animals that you must evade as you play Big Farm: Mobile Harvest. New players will make excellent progress learning how to play this game, but if you want to become an all-time great, you’ll need some aid. Transform your field into a genuine farming mogul by following the recommendations in this article.

  1. Finish all of the assigned missions

You will play through in-game missions in the game. We propose that you remain as close to the missions as possible while designing and administrating your farm. This protects your farm’s long-term growth, and you aren’t wasting money on unnecessary items. For one final incentive, remember that you’ll be aided by a number of incentives that help you go even faster.

  1. Strengthen structures with regularity

Upgrading structures in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest might take a long time. This rule applies to upgrade structures in the game. Making continuous upgrades is one of the best ways to keep things moving forward. It is always a good idea to have a building that is under construction. Please note that I am not encouraging you to design and implement the first structure you encounter. When you’ve examined which constructions are available for renovation, you must pick the one that will produce the most profit once finished. Redoing your farmhouse first will save you ten percent on building time.

  1. Select suitable crops

Harvesting the crops occurs in the different seasons of the year. To maximize your crop yield, you must understand which crop to nurture. Plant short-term crops, such as maize, to ensure you have numerous harvests in a single day. Make sure to harvest any short-term crops you’ve created while you’re still in the game, then replace them with long-term crops that will take many hours to grow.

  1. For the best results, look for a cooperative that is prospering

Guilds are groups of people who interact in the same way cooperatives do. It provides you with the option to connect with other players and gives you the opportunity to earn loyalty points. You of course get loyalty points if you have active co-op members. This inventory contains useful points that can be utilized in the specialized shop. If you like, you can donate loyalty points every 10 hours so you can donate twice a day.

  1. Set up a Facebook account.

With Facebook, you may connect your account to the game and invite your friends from the real world to participate. Every time someone joins because of your invitation, you’ll get free Gold. Players will want to make the most of opportunities to get Gold, as it is the premium money in the game. The quickest way to gain a lot of Gold is to have several friends join you in playing the game. Additionally, you might form a co-op with your pals to maintain everyone’s involvement.

  1. Provide your dog with treats

For your information, you have a pet dog who is outside your property waiting for you. In the northern part of the map, look for the dog home. Reward your dog with a choice of products by offering him a free treat. Increasing the frequency of your dog’s treats promotes free items that you may utilize to benefit your Market.

  1. Your farm will be constrained by available space, so make the most of it

The game restricts your capacity to extend your farm based on your level, regardless of your financial status. At the same time, it’s a strategy to avoid over-committing while you’re learning the game. Constructing new buildings requires a great deal of effort, but at the same time, it may be somewhat frustrating. Additional projects may require changes to your land in order to get things moving. You’ll be able to acclimate after a bit.

  1. Check the market for orders.

Orders with stop orders are equivalent to many extra activities that help you earn money and gain new experiences. This inventory pricing is helpful for getting rid of stuff you don’t need. The more orders you complete, the faster you advance in the game. Make sure to keep your Market app up to date, too. to make the upgrade, you’ll need to acquire a variety of goods, but the benefits will more than make up for the extra effort required. When it comes to upgrading, focus on increasing your revenue and acquiring valuable experience. Everything in the Market after that can be restored. A goal is to plan out upgrades that will improve your game the most.

  1. You need to win slowly and steadily to have a good chance of winning.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a game in which the players’ goal is to complete all levels as quickly as possible. The best way to put it is that if you don’t succeed right away, don’t give up. Routine daily tasks can be carried out and, with time, the buildings of your farm will be restored. Don’t forget that more features will appear as you move through the game. By gaining access to these extra features, you will enjoy your time more. When you have access to new structures, everything grows more exciting. Simply put, you must possess the ability to hone your own real estate.


Farm ownership and maintenance may be difficult, but it is gratifying when done on your own.  This Big Farm: Mobile Harvest tips, cheats, and tactics make it easier to grow your dream farm.

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